Cassandra and Eric by Christian Lee Photography in Ottawa, Ont.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Christian Lee of Christian Lee Photography in Ottawa, Ont.

VENUE: Billings Estate / Prinzo Hall, Ottawa, Ont.


CHALLENGES: Christian: “One of the big challenges with this wedding was weather. It POURED all day. I usually tell clients that this is where a wedding photographer earns their stripes. You can’t take the easy, warm back-lit photos in a field or tree grove when it’s bucketing rain. The bridal photos were all taken in the lobby of the Delta Hotel in Ottawa, utilizing either their lobby furniture and artwork. Some of the B&G portraits look like they were taken outside in nice weather, but they were actually taken under a white tent. The combination of balanced off-camera flash lighting and careful composition creates a look that is indiscernible from a lovely outdoor session.”

POSITIVES: Christian: “I think one of the real positives about this wedding (from my perspective), is how open to ideas and trusting both Cassandra and Eric were. They trusted my vision, let me do my thing, and were up for anything.”

laurenCassandra and Eric by Christian Lee Photography in Ottawa, Ont.

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