Gina and Travis by Kelly Pratt Photography in St. Louis, MO

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kelly and Ian Kreidich of Kelly Pratt Photography in St. Louis, MO

VENUE: The Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO


CHALLENGES: Kelly: “The biggest challenge we had was working with the Fox Theatre itself. The Fox Theatre is one of, if not the, most difficult spaces to photograph in St. Louis. While beautiful and very grand to the naked eye, the space is incredibly dark, and the camera alone cannot capture the low light and architectural details. We had to create almost all of the lighting that can be seen in the ceremony images, by placing flashes strategically around the Fox’s lobby. Without flashes shining on the columns, ceiling, and steps of the space, the ceremony would have looked like a pitch black room, with one spotlight shining on Gina and Travis.”

POSITIVES: Kelly: “This wedding was very unique because we were able to access locations that are not typically open to wedding parties for pictures, namely the Contemporary Art Museum and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. Both areas fit Gina and Travis’ modern and artistic aesthetic. It was most important to them to have a photographer with an artistic eye. They also wanted someone who had the technical skills to pull off photographing their big day, since almost all of their locations would require a good knowledge of artificial lighting. As Gina and Travis put it, they didn’t just want to have a wedding, they wanted to put on a show.”

laurenGina and Travis by Kelly Pratt Photography in St. Louis, MO

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