Katie and Kyler by Alexandra Knight Photography in Snohomish, WA

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Knight of Alexandra Knight Photography in Seattle, WA

VENUE: A Chapel on Swan’s Trail, Snohomish, WA


CHALLENGES: Alexandra: “I committed to shooting this wedding exclusively with my Hasselblad film cameras, which are my favorite, but in doing so, knew I’d need to be able to shoot in very low light conditions after the sun went down, and deal with hard-to-predict indoor lighting. I’m not comfortable with strobes on film yet, so I used a video light for some of the nighttime images, but didn’t have that luxury for each frame. Manually focusing with a Hasselblad is a slow process, so I had to prep for each shot in anticipation of it happening (especially the processional) and close down my aperture a bit to increase my depth of field so that my subject would stay in focus.”

POSITIVES: Alexandra: “The positive end of things is that this was one of my favorite weddings ever. The light in the chapel worked out pretty well for portraits, my clients are amazing to work with, and I got to use my favorite cameras the whole day! Shooting only two Hasselblad bodies without having to carry around a bunch of other gear made me both more focused on capturing the images and as a result I was happier with the final image set than usual.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This wedding was shot exclusively with a pair of Hasselblad 500C film cameras, an 80mm and 50mm lens plus Kodak color and black and white films.

laurenKatie and Kyler by Alexandra Knight Photography in Snohomish, WA

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