Marti and Ilde by C&I Photographers in Middletown, MD

PHOTOGRAPHER: Justin Mein of C&I Photographers in MD, DC and Fort Lauderdale, FL

VENUE: Stone Manor Country Club, Middletown, MD


CHALLENGES: Justin: “This was the first wedding I shot coming back from breaking my wrist trying to get a shot by climbing a pergola a few weeks prior. So shooting a wedding on heavy pain killers and in a cast was a challenge in itself. “

POSITIVES: Justin: “The weather was perfect for May in Maryland. This wedding in particular was extremely fun to photograph – a traditional Jewish wedding means non-stop dancing at every single opportunity.”

laurenMarti and Ilde by C&I Photographers in Middletown, MD

Connie and Dan by Kristen Wynn Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kristen Wynn of Kristen Wynn Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

VENUE: Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh, PA


CHALLENGES: Kristen: “These are things that only photographers would find challenging, but make for a great guest experience, which is where the focus should rightly be. The ceremony space is unique, but the aisle is “L” shaped and rather short – so you have to be ready to get your traditional processional shots quickly! Additionally, the ceiling in the ceremony can leave a pink color cast that has to be removed during editing. The Children’s Museum offers unique photo backdrops, but you won’t have a ton of time to roam and plan shots – so you have to fly by the seat of your pants in the exhibits!”

POSITIVES: Kristen: “A smaller bridal party size kept things intimate and stress free for the couple. Connie and Dan designed so many details themselves and are such a wonderful couple. They were willing to have fun for photos and they did a special first look to take the majority of the photos before the ceremony! And of course, July weather can be hot – but Connie’s gown wasn’t big and heavy, so it was perfect for the weather. “

laurenConnie and Dan by Kristen Wynn Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

Cecilia and Kevin by Bri Morse Imagery in Point Pleasant, NJ

PHOTOGRAPHER: Bri Morse of Bri Morse Imagery in Cherry Hill, NJ

VENUE: Clark’s Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, NJ


CHALLENGES: Bri: “It happened to be freezing cold and extremely icy out this day! Luckily our bride and groom still were all for getting outdoor shots, despite the wintry conditions. Though the entire bridal party were troupers about it, we still had to move very quickly to get what we needed within a limited amount of time. This was also the first wedding where we incorporated shooting film as well as digital. We definitely brought along too many cameras and had no real flow or system for going back and forth between the two. It felt a bit chaotic for us, but it was a huge learning experience.”

POSITIVES: Bri: “The biggest positive of our day was that this couple really trusted us completely to capture their day however we felt was best. Artistic freedom is always a bonus right?”

laurenCecilia and Kevin by Bri Morse Imagery in Point Pleasant, NJ

Danielle and Grant by Brian Davis Photography in West Des Moines, IA

PHOTOGRAPHER: Brian Davis of Brian Davis Photography in Des Moines, IA

VENUE: Glen Oaks Country Club, West Des Moines, IA


CHALLENGES: Brian: “The only difficulties were the brides mobility because she broke her leg a month prior in a long boarding accident and also the rain cancelled our outdoor ceremony so we had to move it inside.”

POSITIVES: Brian: “The couple had an incredible amount of chemistry and they both lit up when put in front of the camera. The day flowed smoothly and it was a blast.”

laurenDanielle and Grant by Brian Davis Photography in West Des Moines, IA

Grace and Jeff by Magnified Joy Photography in Green Bay, WI

PHOTOGRAPHERS: En Tao and Maria Ko of Magnified Joy Photography in Madison, WI

VENUE: Pamperin Park, Green Bay, WI


CHALLENGES: En Tao: “The outdoor ceremony was just shortly after noon, so we dealt with harsh overhead light. We also had to watch out for flying frisbees at the park during the first look and couple photo time, as we were in the middle of a disc golf course!”

POSITIVES: En Tao: “The couple trusted us 100% in all aspects of their wedding day–from helping them plan their timeline so that we had ample time for each event of the day (getting ready photos, first look, wedding party, sunset photos, etc.), to trusting us with wrangling in their large families, to recommendations for their vendors. Although it was a DIY park wedding, it was executed so well! The couple delegated duties and received lots of assistance from their families for creating decor, setting up, manning a cocktail station, tearing down. Their personal touches were so evident in their wedding.”

laurenGrace and Jeff by Magnified Joy Photography in Green Bay, WI

Candice and Robert by Ethan Yang Photography in Washington, D.C.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ethan Yang of Ethan Yang Photography in Columbia, MD

VENUE: Park Hyatt, Washington, D.C.


CHALLENGES: None worth mentioning.

POSITIVES: Ethan: “It was one of the best weddings I shot. Candice and Robert were a sweet couple and so easy to work with. I think I had a great time because the bride’s brother-in-law is a photographer which allowed the bride to have such a respect for photography. Bride’s value for photography made my job much easier!”

laurenCandice and Robert by Ethan Yang Photography in Washington, D.C.

Shannon and Dave by Twitchy Finger Photography in Alberta, Canada

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Becka and Bryan Heck of Twitchy Finger Photography in central Alberta, Canada

VENUE: Stewart Creek Golf Resort, Canmore, AB


CHALLENGES: Becka and Bryan: “The biggest challenge was how intimate the space was, it made it difficult to move about, but that’s also what made it awesome too. The venue had a log cabin feel which adds an orange tone to the images if you aren’t careful with your settings.”

POSITIVES: Becka and Bryan: ” It was a beautiful couple, a beautiful day and a beautiful venue. We were surrounded by the mountains, which the couple adore so it was easy to capture them in a great state. The weather was amazingly cooperative which always helps. The venue coordinator was very organized from our end and directed us to all the areas that we were able to access. Since we shoot together we were able to divide and concur as the room was intimate and we didn’t want to get in anyone’s way of viewing the wedding. Shannon and Dave have now become more than just clients, we consider them friends, even with the distance of where we both live we still value them and who they are. “

laurenShannon and Dave by Twitchy Finger Photography in Alberta, Canada

Paul and Kim by Robby and Savannah Photography in Celina, TX

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Robby and Savannah Doland of Robby and Savannah Photography in Oklahoma City, OK

VENUE: Chandler’s Gardens, Celina, TX


CHALLENGES: Robby and Savannah: “The biggest challenge was the weather. It rained on and off the entire day and picked up just before and during the ceremony. We definitely had to find a balance of getting great images for our clients while also being mindful of their comfort out in the rain during their bride and groom portraits after the ceremony.”

POSITIVES: Robby and Savannah: “Our challenges were actually positive though. With the wedding being held outdoors we were bummed to see the weather the morning of the wedding. We got a call from the bride on our way to the venue letting us know they would still be having the ceremony outside regardless of rain. We were excited by the challenge and extremely impressed by our couple and their laid back, up for anything attitude. It ended up being one of the more fulfilling weddings we have shot. “

laurenPaul and Kim by Robby and Savannah Photography in Celina, TX

Sarah and Rob by Khanh Nguyen Photography in Brenham, TX

PHOTOGRAPHER: Khanh Nguyen of Khanh Nguyen Photography in Houston, TX

VENUE: The Antique Rose Emporium, Brenham, TX


CHALLENGES: Khanh: “We were running late while getting ready, so we were rushing to the venue to make it there on time. It was also a windy day, which is both good and bad. However, I used the wind to my advantage to create the shot with her veil in the air. I have to admit that one is my absolute favorites.”

POSITIVES: Khanh: “My favorite part during the wedding day was the bride and her best friend jumped down the water fountain and splashed water everywhere. I would have never thought she would do that. I am glad that I stayed until the end to capture that special moment. “

laurenSarah and Rob by Khanh Nguyen Photography in Brenham, TX

Ashley and Willie by Lavender Bouquet Photography in Tacoma, WA

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jason and Cydney Macomber of Lavender Bouquet Photography in Seattle, WA

VENUE: Events on 6th, Tacoma, WA


CHALLENGES: Jason: “The only parts that made it difficult were the weather, the venue, and the groom – he had a very shy personality, so it made it difficult to get real emotions out of him.”

POSITIVES: Jason: “This wedding was more about the candid moments and not a “commercial” wedding like we normally shoot; watching two people that really love each other have a wedding that really symbolized their love. The ceremony was not a normal one, the officiant talked up to them from the aisle of the instead of being up on stage; it was refreshing. At the end of the day it was a great wedding, a simple wedding. “

laurenAshley and Willie by Lavender Bouquet Photography in Tacoma, WA