WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: We want to see weddings where you as the photographer really stepped it up and got creative, fun, exciting or just plain awesome photos. We love emotional moments, lots of action, beautiful portraits and above all else we value visual interest. If it makes us stop and say “OK, that’s cool,” then we’re all about it!

WHAT WE’RE NOT LOOKING FOR: This isn’t a blog for brides, so we could not care less about details. We don’t care about the oh-so-cute escort cards, the OMG gorgeous bridesmaids’ bouquets or twee photos of the shoes. Frankly, there are 7,000,000,000 other blogs that print exactly that, we aren’t it. Also, we enjoy pretty, but it can’t JUST be pretty, we really want photos with a little extra oomph.

HOW TO SUBMIT:Pick out up to 100 images (at least 1024 pixels wide and watermark-free) and fill out the following form:


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